JUNE 12TH 2017

This traditional conservatory was designed, handmade and installed by The Caulfield Company. It replaces a long-lost glasshouse, the outline of which could still be seen on the outside wall of this beautiful Grade II Listed Georgian vicarage in Hertfordshire.
No other reference to the original glass structure could be found, but Mark Caulfield of The Caulfield Company has long experience of reinstating period glass buildings, taking his design cues from the vicarage and from glass structures of the same period. Perfectly in keeping with the Georgian house, this new conservatory features small panel windows with very slender glazing bars. It has an imposing roofline, featuring gothic-inspired gables.  The plinth is in reclaimed brick, carefully matched to the house.
The scheme was submitted for planning permission/Listed Building Consent. Once the plans were approved, the conservatory was hand built in The Caulfield Company’s Yorkshire workshops using solid Sapele hardwood. Its functionality was also kept true to the original glasshouse; eschewing mod cons such as underfloor heating in favour of more traditional heating (radiators in grilled housings) and manually crank-handled roof vents. Climate control is much better than in the original building though, as special glazing methods were used to double glaze the finely detailed Georgian windows.
Highly experienced in sensitive architectural responses to period and listed buildings, The Caulfield Company handles projects right through from planning permission to the design, build and interior finishes. It also offers a complete interior design service.  


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