New Basins and Vanity Stands

London Basin Company’s richly decorated porcelain basins bring a classic art form to contemporary bathrooms. This year they will be exhibiting their new metal vanity stands alongside the original ten basins and five exciting new basin designs. Together the collection offers a new look at craftsmanship and luxury. 

Founded by interior designer Anna Callis and her daughter Nathalie, the concept grew from a search for a decorative basin to use in a project. The product Anna had in her mind simply did not exist, so she set out to create it. It took more than three years to develop the patterns and find the right porcelain factory to produce exquisite quality basins embellished with Anna’s own designs. Inspired by her travels, they cleverly meld a modern aesthetic with several centuries of decorative art from China, Japan, the Middle East and Europe. 

Every basin is hand finished using a variety of techniques. The patterns are applied in two main ways 'under the glaze' and 'over the glaze'. With under the glaze decorating, the pattern is applied to the porcelain, then the basins are glazed and fired. In the over the glaze technique, the basins are glazed and fired, then the pattern is applied and the basins are fired twice again to ensure paint durability.  The porcelain too, is strong and resilient, perfectly suited to bathroom use.

Anna Callis designs her basins to work as focus pieces in both classic and modern bathrooms. The choice of accompanying brassware will define the finished look and the basins sit perfectly with period or modern taps, in any finish from chrome to nickel, brass and gold.

In tune with this, London Basin Company’s chic new collection of handmade metal vanity stands comes with bespoke tops in a range of materials including wood, glass and laminate. The stands make a perfect match to the, now, fifteen different basin designs, which range from classic blue and whites to richly coloured patterns with gilded highlights. Generously sized, the basin dimensions in the range run between 39.7 and 45cm diameter and 14 to 16.2cm in height


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