JUNE 12TH 2018

Centuries away from the traditional conservatory, a completely new generation of glass buildings make architecturally exciting additions to our houses and gardens - and can also change the way we live.

The Caulfield Company’s intelligent glass buildings blur the boundaries between inside and out through contemporary architecture, advanced engineering and sophisticated climate control.  They are perfectly in tune with one of the biggest trends in modern living… the outdoor kitchen, which has evolved from a simple barbeque into a completely new indoor/outdoor living space with a fully equipped kitchen.

Freestanding or built as an extension, The Caulfield Company’s Winter Garden concept is a bespoke design that can be built for use as anything from a sitting room, party zone or kitchen/dining room to a home office or pool house.  Ultra-tall bi-fold doors open to the garden on all sides, whilst electronically-controlled awnings give shade when needed to keep the building at a perfect temperature.  On cooler days, with the doors partly or completely closed, the advanced glass technology (insulated to Passivhaus requirements) and climate control systems maintain the interior at the same level of year-round comfort.  This is a real room, with no compromises made for its garden location. 

At the heart of these custom designed buildings are pioneering roof and door systems built for The Caulfield Company by Solarlux, the specialist German company which fabricates for architects such as Norman Foster.  Technically these systems offer not only the highest possible strength, noise cancelling and thermal values but also the ability to create spectacular structures including designs where the doors fold entirely away, leaving no beams or columns to interrupt garden sightlines.   

The Caulfield Company handles projects right through from planning permission to design, build and interior finishes. It’s interior design service includes bespoke joinery made in its own workshops, integrated entertainment systems, timber and stone floors and contemporary furniture.  Mark Caulfield and his team of architects and craftsmen undertake projects all over the world.    

Shown here: This freestanding design by The Caulfield Company houses a ‘Elemental’ kitchen by deVOL.


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